GameT1me now open

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GameT1me now open

Postby pyroghost76 » Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:18 pm

Hi guys. My name is Sam. I am an assistant Manager at a new LAN Center in Clemmons NC. Honestly I am just hitting up websites and putting the word out about the business I created. But I am also a gamer at heart. My Gamertag is "GT Propain" on xbox live.

Here in the store we have 36 Xbox 360s, 2 XB1s, 2 PS4s, 2 WiiUs, 2 PS3s, and 10 PCs. We also have a 120" screen with 5.1 surround sound, with a PS4 hooked up to it. Every thing is hooked into the net, and we also have a 1000+ game library. We host LAN parties and Lock ins, Magic the Gathering, DnD, the whole 9 yards.

On Saturday Night's I normally have a crowd to come in and play COD BO2. The LAN events have dropped off, but the casual gamers have been keeping us going.

So basically just wanted to let you guys know if you need a place to come and have a LAN Party, bingo.

If you guys have any questions or advice, go for it. We are startup.

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