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Welcome to the First Annual Fight Club Festival Tournament!

This tournament is being coordinated, in cooperation with NCGaming, to commemorate the first year of the Fight Club server's success in the game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. We enjoy providing a fun environment for everyone to compete in, and in addition, we want to further the fun experienced by all by putting on this unique tournament once a year. "What makes it so unique?" You might ask. Well, this tournament not only will be featuring a specific game type per round of advancement, but we will be awarding each player on the winning team with $5 through PayPal or a game on Steam of an equivalent or lesser value. The details are as follows, but invite your friends, tell other clans, and do not forget to frequent NCGaming or the Fight Club server for any further details. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing everybody leading up to the tournament.

  • When?

    The Tournament will begin at 9 p.m. EST on Thursday, February the 20th. If it is necessary, the following rounds will occur on the 21st and the 22nd, but there will be two servers to speed up the process.

  • Where?

    The Fight Club Server on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare located at: Also, people are free to join our TeamSpeak to strategize located at

  • Format?

    Mostly standard rules for a competitive chivalry tournament, however, as aforementioned, there are some tweaks. There will be a 50% rule on classes, meaning no class can comprise more than 3 of the players on the team. It will be a 6v6 tournament, with no 3rd person access, and there shall be no acute restrictions on ringers. Furthermore, we are looking to get 8, 12, or 16 teams locked in, as this will be a single elimination tournament. Therefore, the deadline to register will be February 17th by 10 p.m. If a team does not show up at their scheduled time, we will award the other team a bye after 15 minutes. Unlike other tournaments, each round will be dictated by a certain game type, determined by us, but the map will still be decided through kendo. For example, round one will be Team Objective, round two will be Last Team Standing, and round 3 will be Capture the Flag. The winning kendo team will decide what map to play on, while the losers will be able to choose side first.

  • Who to Contact?

    If you have any questions about signing up or you want to discuss some of the details related to formatting, feel free to contact SoMe1337GuY or Chicken [F|C] on Steam or by e-mail. If these avenues are unavailable, the forums on NCGaming will serve as an excellent location for deliberation.

  • How to Enter?

    Simply fill in the contact form below and submit it. A message will be sent back to you to confirm our receipt of your team's entry.

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